Diverse Client Base

Thousands of corporations worldwide rely upon Psychemedics’ proprietary technology for their pre-employment and employee drug testing needs. Our superior technology, along with our reputation for accuracy, customer service and meticulous quality control has made Psychemedics the leader in drug testing using hair analysis. Psychemedics Corporation is the world’s leading drug testing company using hair for the detection of drugs of abuse.

Our clients represent a wide variety and cross-section of businesses and industries including:

Oil and Natural Resources
Service Industries
Food Products and Distribution
Automotive Manufacturing
Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice
Health Care

Our clients range in size from Fortune 500 companies to regional employers. Psychemedics’ patented technology is utilized by over 10% of the Fortune 500 companies, major police forces,Federal Reserve Banks, schools and a variety of government and medical research programs.

Psychemedics also became the first company to offer a patented home collection hair drug testing service (the PDT-90) for parents concerned about their children and possible drug use.

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