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Cocaine pipeline from Texas busted

Traffickers supplied by a violent Mexican cartel allegedly delivered 5 to 15 kilos a month to Minnesota.

By PAUL McENROE and TONY KENNEDY, Star Tribune staff writers
Last update: April 29, 2009 – 9:36 PM

“A high-volume cocaine pipeline between Texas and Minnesota, with ties to one of Mexico’s most violent crime syndicates, was severed in early morning raids Wednesday by federal agents, authorities said.

One of the Minnesotans indicted and arrested is David P. Harlander, a St. Joseph resident employed by Stearns County. He worked in the county’s building services unit and had “some” access to the Sheriff’s Department offices.”

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Shorter Sentences Sought for Crack


“The Obama administration said it favors shorter jail sentences for crimes involving crack cocaine, a stance likely to spark a debate with law-enforcement officials who have opposed easing the penalties.

Under current law, a person caught with 500 grams of powder cocaine gets the mandatory minimum sentence of five years, while it takes only five grams of crack cocaine to trigger the same sentence. Critics of the law have long maintained that it unfairly targets African-American communities, where crack is more prevalent.”

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OxyContin abuse prompts new drug testing


“New drug-testing practices are one way officials hope to learn more about what they believe is a growing problem in San Diego County —- abuse of oxycodone.The expensive, potentially addictive synthetic opiate is prescribed to treat pain, but is abused for the heroinlike high it gives. While officials believe OxyContin is a dangerous drug —- one growing in popularity with young people in the county —- the standard “dangerous drug” screen won’t identify the synthetic opiate in the pill, Simmons said.”

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‘High’ Rise: Drug Sales Like Food Court In Carnegie Towers

Busload Of Arrests Made From Top To Bottom Of Apartment Complex
POSTED: 11:09 am EDT April 24, 2009

“CARNEGIE, Pa. — Drug sales in the Carnegie Towers were so plentiful and in such a wide variety that it was almost like a food court, according to District Attorney Stephen Zappala, who announced dozens of arrests at the apartment complex that he said has been a longtime source of criminal activity.”

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Police arrest 2 fifth-graders on drug charges

Associated Press
5:14 AM CDT, April 23, 2009

“INDIANAPOLIS – Police have arrested two fifth-graders on charges that they were selling marijuana at their eastside Indianapolis elementary school.”

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